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Maximize Your Relationships with the Wealthy

Intelligent solutions to help you uncover, understand, and engage with the world’s wealthiest individuals

Understand Global Wealth

  • Provide your organization with the insight to tailor an effective strategy
  • Gain intelligence into the status of the world’s wealthiest individuals and the global trends that impact them
  • Request unique data reports that are most relevant to your industry

Uncover Qualified Leads

  • Screen your data to uncover existing wealthy relationships
  • Access detailed information on net worth, source of wealth, and other factors that help identify relevant prospects
  • Reveal wealthy individuals connected to your existing customers and ambassadors, or who match your target segments
  • Identify patterns among the existing relationships in your database

Inform Your Engagement Strategy

  • Create a roadmap to reach and convert qualified prospects leveraging dossier information
  • Save time and resources by identifying interests and patterns that drive the most effective returns
  • Identify wealthy prospects to attend an event curated to match their interests

Maximize Existing Relationships

  • Stay informed on your client or donor’s latest news and changes
  • Personalize your interactions utilizing Wealth-X’s continuously updated database
  • Enrich your existing relationships to maximize client or donor retention

Mitigate Client Risk

  • Receive a comprehensive analysis of a client’s net worth and source of wealth
  • Ensure prospects meet AML and KYC regulations
  • Onboard clients confidently
Intelligence with Impact
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