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Screen donor data to find wealthy alumni far from home
Wealth-X can transform the way you work
Published by: Altrata Client Success
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How screening can level up event attendance

Published by: Altrata Client Success
Published on:

Global sports nonprofit amplifies donor attendance for key fundraising event via Altrata wealth Screening

With all eyes set on an upcoming key fundraising event, our global nonprofit client was looking to build out a robust invite list that included new potential donors in a particular region with a specific giving capacity.

The key to identifying the right prospects to invite to the event began with a Wealth-X database Screening to uncover wealthy individuals in the right geographic location.

During a Wealth-X screening, the nonprofit identified hundreds of potential donors in the area. Some were completely new to them, and some had been on their radar but had yet to engage.

The detailed Wealth Analysis proprietary financial model evaluates both public and private assets to accurately determine an individual’s net worth and liquid assets. This in-depth analysis of an individual’s wealth is the key to identifying, understanding and effectively engaging prospective donors as well as providing a deeper understanding of existing donors and their wealth.

Running a Wealth-X Screening is key in enabling research teams to stay on top of their ever-changing donor database.

Wealth-X is the product you turn to when you are looking for wealth prospects.

Research Analyst, Global Sports Nonprofit

As a result of the Wealth-X screening, the team invited hundreds of potential local donors to their event and saw an excellent turnout.

The team relies on the screening process to augment the capabilities of their research team and uncover new prospects in a timely manner to showcase opportunities to their respective gift officers. The in-depth wealth data analysis, background information, as well as their interests, passions and hobbies helps the nonprofit quickly qualify the right donors to engage based on their location and affinity to give.

Once they have identified their target prospects, the team leverages RelSci, an additional Altrata product, for relationship mapping to chart a path to a warm introduction based on their connections to key leaders in their organization.

  • Client: Sports nonprofit
  • Region: Global
  • Altrata products: WealthX and RelSci