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How screening can level up event attendance
Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Screen donor data to find wealthy alumni far from home

Published by: Altrata Client Success
Published on:

The ESCP Foundation leverages Altrata for screening their alumni database and identifying major donors globally 

The team at ESCP Foundation came to Altrata seeking support to identify high value alumni globally to feed into their prospect pipeline.

They also needed support with research on wealth levels of potential donors.

The ESCP Foundation, needed research on their contacts in Europe and wanted to measure their database potential internationally, in particular in Asia and with the Altrata global database, this was a good match.

When the ESCP Foundation team lacked data on some of the key individuals, it researched the Altrata database. The team also leveraged the notifications available on the platform, to systematically receive recommendations for key prospects that met their criteria.

The collection of family details in the profiles made it possible to identify young alumni, coming from affluent families.

When I have a doubt about a person, or if I want information
about their wealth, the first thing I do is research Altrata’s database.

ESCP Foundation, France

Since using Altrata, the ESCP Foundation team uncovered many new prospects in their existing database that it never imagined before.

The number of new conversations for major gifts increased significantly, facilitated by the research on the evaluation of the capacity level of their prospect portfolio.

The most recent screening already provided the team a large file with potential major donors. ESCP Foundation is leveraging Altrata’s global database to expand it’s reach across Europe and Asia.

The team is trying to connect with key individuals including students and alumni on a regular basis and is relying heavily on Altrata’s wealth and family data for the best outcome.

  • Client: ESCP Foundation
  • Region: Europe
  • Altrata product: Wealth-X